Brands and GP Prescribing

Aug 18, 2022 | UK Brands

The companies making and selling branded products need to understand how well their efforts are working to convince GPs to prescribe their brands.

Some companies are impressed by the orders sales people get from wholesalers, pharmacies and dispensing doctors. However this is vanity as these products could be distributed all around the country rather than in the salesperson’s territory and may sit in warehouses for months until prescribed. True sanity is knowing how prescribing has been modified by the sales and marketing effort.

The image below shows the competition between brands for market share by territory. This demonstrates the effect the marketing activity and the success of sales. Most territories are now based on CCGs or Integrated care systems (ICSs), but a few are based on alternative structures such as addiction clinics.

Helping branded manufactures monitor prescribing can be difficult as they may have restricted funds and not have analysts in-house. Wavedata have thought about this and have built a suite of reports which can be viewed online or emailed monthly to managers and sales people within branded companies.

An example if below, but please make contact if you think Wavedata may be able to help you.

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