Branded Generics and GP Prescribing

Aug 17, 2022 | Generics

The companies making and selling branded generics do help to save the NHS money, though in a rather roundabout way.

They could simply launch generics and compete with each other for market share. However, having their own brand names allows them to improve the quality of the product in various ways to help the clinician and patient. So they can improve the taste and acceptability of oral dosage forms, improve the products’ resistance to temperature variations, or improve the pack size to better fit with GP prescribing.  Some manufacturers even do rebate deals with prescribing groups so offer rebates or additional services which can help clinicians.

This does at least delay the race to the bottom which occurs with some generics when prices are cut to such an extent that no one wants to make it anymore. Of course there is always price pressure on the branded generic manufacturers, as if their products are priced above the drug tariff prescribing can switch back to the generic again.

Helping branded generic manufactures monitor prescribing can be tricky as they don’t normally have the funds to pay for expensive analytical services and may not have analysts in-house. Wavedata have thought about this, as their managing director Charles Joynson used to sell branded generics and has an interest in their success. This means Wavedata have built a suite of reports which can be viewed online or emailed monthly to managers and sales people within branded generic companies.

An example if below, but please make contact if you think Wavedata may be able to help you.

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