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Charles Joynson and Michael Norfolk came together to launch WaveData in 2000. By combining their different skill sets in research and technology they rapidly established an independent pharmaceutical pricing data service that was unique in the pharma marketplace.

“Having the right data, at the right time and in the right form remains a critical path to business success for our clients.”

Charles Joynson

“The strength of our products is in the flexibility of the reports which allow companies to get information in a number of formats, depending on what they want to know.”

Michael Norfolk

WaveData provides the most up-to-date information on pharma pricing, tracking rises and falls, information on imports, patent expiry and generics as well as prescription data and bespoke reporting. Since 2000 their comprehensive databases and technology have grown, as well as the team, and WaveData continues to develop their invaluable information to ensure their clients’ decision making is highly targeted to the prevailing marketplace.

With Michael’s technical expertise and Charles’ research knowledge they rapidly established a comprehensive and independent pharmaceutical pricing data service.

WaveData supplies a significant number of both innovator and generic manufacturing companies. They also serve national and regional wholesalers allowing them to offer their products accurately in today’s highly competitive commercial environment.

The WaveData team has grown and is focused on ensuring that the existing services are as up-to-date as possible with new data being input hourly. As demand arises new products are developed to meet the pharma industry’s needs.

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What our clients say about us...


We have used WaveData Live over several years to gain insight into, evaluate and monitor published competition pricing and find it to be a useful early indicator of disruptions or changes in the market place. Additionally, from time to time we have commissioned bespoke projects to probe in-depth specific areas of interest and assess pricing behaviour over extended periods of time.
The Wavedata team are uniquely positioned, well-informed in these areas, and typically respond rapidly. Their intimate understanding of the data, ability to explain and add insight shines through and is highlighted in their topic-specific coverage published through their Commercial Bulletin.


Large Branded

We use wavedata to track the latest pricing trends in the market. This enables us not only to optimize our pricing but predict where shortages might occur, so we can then adapt our supply availability to meet future market needs.


We use Wavedata to independently benchmark our pricing against every wholesaler in the market. This is turn provides assurance and trust to our customers to use us as a one-stop wholesaler and maximise compliance benefits rather than shopping around or using buying groups to get the best deal. Wavedata provides us with an invaluable service

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