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Keeping up to date with competitor pharmaceutical prices can be difficult and time consuming.  However, having that information is critical for you to ensure your products are competitively priced or that you’re not paying too much for your supplies.

The UK market is highly competitive and whether you’re aiming to increase your market share or enter the market with a new product, the right pricing information will ensure you don’t miss an opportunity.  When you know how prices are fluctuating from month to month you’ll have the competitive advantage of knowing that your product is attractively priced.

With WaveData’s range of products and services you can:
  • Receive monthly data that enables you to understand and act against competitor activity like imports and generics.

  • Subscribe to our live online services to know what's happening and use up-to-the-minute information to adjust pricing so you can maximise sales.

  • Use the evidence of product history (like patent expiry and loss of exclusivity) to plan critical brand management decisions.

  • Monitor your distribution partners to know how much chemists are paying for your products.

  • Fine-tune product launches so your business development continues to reap profits.

Instead of tying up a member of your team, you’ll find WaveData delivers the latest information on anything to do with pricing for the pharmaceutical industry.  Find out more about our products so that you stay ahead of the competition.

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