Prescription Data

Analyse and understand prescriptions


GP Prescribing Data  – Updated monthly

Selling pharmaceutical products into the UK requires knowing where they are being prescribed, what competing products exist and having an understanding of the market.

Scriptmap gives you this information and more. Analyse and understand prescriptions sent to the PPA by chemists and dispensing doctors.

View data by:

  • Surgery or CCG
  • Town, region and at a national level
  • See prescribing maps at a national, regional, CCG or district level.

Simply choose your start and end dates and all the data you need is ready in seconds. All data can be downloaded to be analysed further. Target the top prescribing surgeries, plan where you need salespeople and map out your territory or region.

ScriptMap is the cost-effective management tool which will help you grow your sales and achieve the success you deserve.


A User-Friendly Solution


WaveData has worked to develop a user-friendly solution which not only allows you to browse and filter the data, but also view this data on a map.

The maps have been designed to allow users to drill down from the country level, via region or PCT to individual surgeries. This means that it can help those at all levels, from national sales manager to territory manager.

To enhance the service, dispensing doctors have been highlighted and information about the numbers of dispensing patients in a surgery has been added. This will help companies in their dispensing doctor sales campaigns.

The data in ScriptMap is collected by the PPA, from the prescriptions sent in for reimbursement, by chemists and by dispensing doctors.


How do I buy this service?

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What do Scriptmap reports look like?

Our easy, dynamic speadsheets have multiple select options to help you organise your data

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