Bespoke Reports

Pricing and Prescription Data tailored to your business needs

Our Bespoke Report service gives our Clients the information they need to meet very specific business or project objectives. 

  • You may be a Marketing Manager working on a product introduction and want to assess the market potential and competitiveness.
  • You may be a Commercial Manager setting pricing strategies and analysing market trends or cycles.
  • You may be a Buyer looking for market pricing to benchmark and support your negotiations. 

What ever your role, if you are buying, selling, partnering or supplying into the UK Pharma Market our service will give you the data to help you excel. We have an archive of over 20 years to draw upon, giving our Clients the most comprehensive data sets available in the UK today.

Our bespoke and totally confidential service is often called for in legal cases where an original product patent is in dispute. Our archives can hold key information to assist lawyers in calculating damages on behalf of their clients.

To find out more read  our Bespoke Report Case Study,
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