Bespoke Reports

Our most valuable offering

Need to identify a product opportunity? Promote a forward strategy assessment? Or even give clarity in a legal case?

Our bespoke reports give you the exact data you need to really excel… and utilise the past to predict the future.

For example; a client may wish to understand the rate of price decline after an original brand product has lost its exclusivity and patent protection, and generic products are launching into the UK market. Having this historical data, and other historic research from our archives at their fingertips allows them to accurately forecast pricing structures, saving them or their team hours of additional research.

Our bespoke and totally confidential service is often called for in legal cases where an original product patent is in dispute. This is where our historic databases often hold key information to assist lawyers in calculating damages on behalf of their clients.

How do I buy this service?

Priced individually, we can discuss in-depth your requirements and match our service accordingly. Please get in touch via our enquiry form for more information.