Brands, GP Prescribing and Trends

Aug 19, 2022 | Generics, UK Brands

The companies making and selling branded products need to understand how well their efforts are working to convince GPs to prescribe their brands.

The graphic below shows a number of branded generics, however changes in the way they are reimbursed (VPAS) means that they may be less commonly used in the future. However, some companies may choose to continue to sell branded generics as they can improve quality rather than competing on price alone.

The image shows the competition for GP prescriptions between branded generics. However, the data also contains originator brands which can feed graphs like this. Additionally the data which has been used in this graph also includes prescribing by surgery and by CCG, which means that as well national trends, trends by territory can also be produced.

Wavedata have thought about this and have built a suite of reports which can be viewed online or emailed monthly to managers and sales people within branded companies. An example is below,  but please make contact if you think Wavedata may be able to help you.

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