Procoralan Tabs 5mg 56 vs Ivabradine Tabs 5mg 56

May 21, 2021 | Generics, UK Brands

Here we can see Procoralan Tabs 5mg 56 vs Ivabradine Tabs 5mg 56. The generic launch date of Ivabradine was April 2018.

The average price of Procoralan Tabs 5mg 56 stayed at between £34-36 between April 2011 to September 2015, after which the price started to decline and fell to below £30 in July 2018.

The Average UK Price dipped to £11.39 in September 2019 but quickly recovered to £16.48 the following month. However, since then, Procoralan Tabs 5mg 56 Avg UK Price has continued to have the occasional dip to as low as £10.46 and seems to increase again to as high as £16.45 shortly after. The English Reimbursement List Price has stayed at £40.17 throughout.

Ivabradine Tabs 5mg 56 started at £31.50 in April 2011, but then very quickly fell to £9.90 by May 2018. Since then the price of the generic has continued to fall to £3.78 where it is now. Ivabradine Tabs 5mg 56 drug tariff fell from £40.17 to £7.70 in October 2018 and gradually decreased to £4.77 in Jan 2021.

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