Price Volatility in Ovestin Cream

Jun 27, 2022 | Parallel Imports, UK Brands

Ovestin cream is currently on the DHSC’s list of serious shortages (Serious Shortages Protocols SSPs) giving pharmacists more dispensing flexibility during a shortage. Although this product is in short supply, in June there are still 12 suppliers providing it to pharmacists and dispensing doctors. The supply is 2/3 parallel imported into the UK with the rest being local stock. However, the rising prices being charged by suppliers month on month are like a tangled ball of wool and only two suppliers have been able to keep their prices more or less the same since Jan 2021. The rest have responded to competitor pricing and stock availability by modulating their prices each month. Many of the suppliers of Ovestin cream use Wavedata Live at to track competitor prices and ensure they maximise sales.

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