Atorvastatin Tabs 20mg 28 Price Range

Jun 23, 2022 | Generics

The prices offered to or paid by pharmacists of dispensing doctors in the UK is incredibly variable because of the UK’s free pricing of medical products. This means that whereas the rest of Europe set prices using legislation, the UK only set the reimbursement price and leave the market to decide on selling and buying prices. This results in faster recovery from shortages and a more responsive, dynamic market. The example shown in the graph, Atorvastatin Tabs 20mg 28, is no more variable than many other generic products, with high numbers of low prices, and a handful of high prices. The low prices show that most suppliers are using price as their key selling tool, convincing pharmacies to buy because they are cheap. The very high prices represent those suppliers which either have very little stock left and are charging a lot for the few packs they have left, or suppliers which will offer a cash rebate to pharmacies buying from them. The variability of the prices in the main reason why many suppliers use Wavedata Live at to keep an eye on the prices being offered by their competitors. Changing a price by as little as £0.01 can make the difference between profit and loss.

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