Price Tracker and Reimbursement History Reports – Bespoke Report

Nov 20, 2020 | General

The last two of our frequent requests for Bespoke Reports at WaveData is for our ‘Price Tracker’ andReimbursement History Reports’.

Price tracker reports are designed to show prices at a particular moment in time, so some customers want them monthly, others weekly or daily. They are imported into client’s own systems to provide a ‘market price benchmark’ for their buying and selling teams.

Reimbursement history reports are reimbursement price for a product or group of products over a period of time, generally years. They are used by clients to assess how quickly reimbursement prices are changed, for example from drug tariff category A to Category M.

If you would like to request Wavedata to perform a bespoke analysis of our pricing data, please contact us at 

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