Chlorphenamine Tabs 4mg 28 Price Trends

Dec 22, 2020 | Generics

Chlorphenamine Tabs 4mg 28 has stayed at a steady average UK price at around £0.30 until Sep 2020 when the price rose to £0.57 and Nov 2020 when it reached £1.92. The English Drug tariff for this drug has stayed at either just below or just above the £1 mark covering the cost comfortably. An NCSO concession was also introduced in October 2020 at £2.30.

On the other hand, Chlorphenamine Tabs 4mg 30 has seen ups and downs through the entire 10 years we hold data for. It stayed between £0.14 and £0.57 between Nov 2010 to July 2019 when the price rose to £0.85 and continued to steadily rise until November 2020 when it reached £1.91. This seems to be a product that is constantly changing. Along with this, the English Drug Tariff for this product was only introduced in October 2020 at £0.43. The reason for these unstable prices could be due to the fact that the 30 pack may be imported from Europe meaning that availability may be difficult.

The long term history came from BPPI and WaveData Live which can be accessed from

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