Will the Windsor Framework stop the decline of available medicines in Northern Ireland?

Mar 27, 2023 | General, WaveData News, WaveData Updates

One of the main objectives of the Windsor Framework is to provide a permanent solution to safeguarding the supply and access of medicines into Northern Ireland. We can see from our historical data that there has been a steady decline of the number of products that are available in Northern Ireland, will the trend be reversed once the new Green Lane is open?

We should also see an improvement in market access with the MHRA controlling application for the whole of the United Kingdom. The Northern Ireland market may become more attractive to manufacturers, wholesalers and importers who have held back on launching or promoting.

We’ll keep an eye on these stats and report back later in the year, it will be interesting to see if the change improves availability for patients.

Note: The number of products available is calculated from items featured on manufacturer and wholesale price lists in Northern Ireland.

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