DHSC SSP announcements hitting Paracetamol 240g Suppositories

Mar 27, 2023 | General, Generics, WaveData News

With last week’s DHSC SSP announcements hitting Paracetamol 240g Suppositories, we’ve taken a look at long term pricing trends, and the most recent data in our Live system.

We can see a continuous and extreme upward trend over the last year or so, there is no doubt the shortages are having a huge impact on price. We’ve zoomed in for a closer look at what’s been happening this month, and there is huge disparity between the high and low price within the last 35 days, with the average UK Retail Price a little under £30.

This latest announcement for Paracetamol 240g Suppositories follows the SSP last month on Paracetamol 120g Suppositories, which is also not due to expire until May 5th.

Notes: UK Retail Price = Price paid by Pharmacy to Wholesaler or Manufacturer

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