What’s the future for my brand post loss of exclusivity (LOE)?

Sep 20, 2023 | Branded Generics, General, Generics, Parallel Imports, UK Brands, WaveData News, WaveData Updates

Charles Joynson, WaveData MD, puts a spotlight on Lustral Tabs as we explore the product lifecycle post LOE.

Before generics were launched in November 2005 there was a high degree of similarity between the price of the UK and PI (parallel import) packs of Lustral Tabs 50mg 28. However, as soon as generics were launched the market became much more erratic, with UK, PI and generic prices parting company and competing against each other. Before LOE the price was stable at just under £16.00, but by mid-2023 the average market price for the PI was about £5.50. This means that the price of the PI, although highly erratic, declined on average by about £0.58 per year.

The generic on the other hand fell to about £2.00 within six months and to £0.60 within four years. However, the generic Sertraline Tabs 50mg 28 is very sensitive to low prices, and manufacturers pull out when prices fall below £1.00 and become unprofitable. This leaves the market susceptible to shortages, price hikes and concessions. Concessions have been granted four times during the life of this generic and as the current average generic market price is about £0.70 we can probably expect more.

It is worth noting that Sertraline Tabs 50mg 28 was in our list of the ten most searched products on WaveData Live in August, which may indicate that we could be close to another shortage. The WaveData Top Ten features in our free newsletter, The Bulletin every month, check out the latest edition or subscribe and receive future editions direct to your inbox.

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