Today we decided to take a look at the price of Ozempic.

May 15, 2024 | Brands, General, UK Brands, WaveData News

The current Ozempic shortage has been driven by the increase in demand as the drug is being used to treat obese patients for long term weight management, in addition to the original group of type 2 diabetes patients.

A study run by the University College London (UCL), lead by Professor John Deanfield, with over 17,604 patients has already shown heart benefits. Semaglutide could have a positive impact on blood pressure or inflammation, as well as direct effects on the heart muscle and vessels.

Whilst this could be positive news for those suffering with cardiovascular health challenges, it does leave those type 2 diabetes patients prescribed Ozempic, and struggling to get hold of their medication, wondering how long the shortage will last and how the manufacturer will manage another potential increase in demand.

Note all prices are those offered to UK Pharmacies or Dispensing Doctors.

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