Tamsulosin MR Tabs 400mcg 30 Price Trends

Nov 6, 2020 | Generics

WaveData started collecting pricing data for Tamsulosin MR Tabs 400mcg 30 in Feb 2011. Since then the price has fallen steadily, but with price spikes in Jan 2015, July 2018, and October 2020. The 2018 and 2020 spikes are similar to the ‘ripple effect’ we have seen in previous products where prices fall too low for further manufacturing.

These two spikes may relate to the length of time it takes to commission new stock from generic contract manufacturers. This could mean the price has fallen so low that suppliers aren’t asking for more stock to be made and therefore they may be considering withdrawing from the market. This decision would only get reversed when the price went up in a price spike.

The long-term history came from BPPI and WaveData Live which can be accessed from www.wavedata.co.uk

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