Paracetamol Paed Suspension 120mg/5ml 500ml Retail Price Growth Over ten Years

Jul 20, 2022 | Generics

All the Paracetamol Suspensions being sold to pharmacists and dispensing doctors in the UK have risen in price over the last 10 years. This is likely to be a consequence of increasing manufacturing costs and the growth in demand for these products.  However, in June 2022 most of the suspensions experienced a sudden price spike, with increases of up to 98% on the May price. These price spikes are probably due to sudden growth in demand, which may be a result in the number of people being infected with Covid 19. Curiously the prices for Paracetamol tablets and capsules have not spiked in the same way, which may suggest either that childhood illnesses are increasing or that the supply of the solid dose forms is more resilient.

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