Clindamycin Caps 150mg 24 Periodic Price Rises

Jun 20, 2022 | Generics

Clindamycin Caps 150mg 24 is a product subject to periodic price rises in the prices dispensing doctors and pharmacists pay for it. These rises seem to be regular, with about 90 months (7 and a half years) between each. The first rise peaked in Apr 2008, the second in Nov 2015 and the third is happening now. The first price rise was triggered by a price drop to £11.30, the second by a drop to £3.75 and the current one you £1.38. This is the point at which manufacturers can no longer see any chance of making a profit, and decide not to make any more. However the drop in the trigger price which initiated the price rise has declined significantly over the years, perhaps as a consequence of declining manufacturing costs.

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