Atorvastatin hitting price highs across all strengths in May

Jun 28, 2023 | General

With millions of prescriptions each year, ever growing demand and volatile prices statins are almost always on the WaveData Top 10 Generic product search list.

In the month of May we saw all strengths of Atorvastatin Tabs 28 Packs feature on the Concessions List, and high prices across the board, with the 20mg 28 Pack hitting a 10 year high. When we look at the price today we can see prices continuing to climb alongside inclusion in the June Concession List.

If we look at the long term historical view (ten years of pricing data), we see a somewhat erratic pattern. One thing is for sure, the current shortages are driving the price up, and it remains to be seen how long these products remain on the Concessions List.

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