Are you trying to get additional pharmacy or dispensing accounts to buy more of your products?

Jan 28, 2021 | General

With WaveData’s online Basket Report, you can compare a basket of goods available from your organisation with the prices of a basket of goods available from your competitor.

It’s a bit like comparing a basket of goods from Tesco with one from Sainsbury, but for pharmaceuticals.

This knowledge can make a big difference to pharmacies and dispensing doctors which are trying to get the best deals.

In the case of pharmaceuticals, the basket could comprise a few commonly used generics, a handful of brands, and an over-the-counter product or two.

You can then show the accounts the lowest prices available for your key profitable lines and compare these with your competitor to get more orders.

WaveData collects 100,000 + market prices for pharmaceuticals each month and uses this to do cross-supplier price comparisons.

The Basket Report was commissioned by a large generic manufacturer and two large wholesale companies as a way to convince pharmacies to buy from them rather than their competitors.

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