Alendronate Tabs 70mg 4 Price Trends

Dec 22, 2020 | Generics

Alendronate Tabs 70mg 4 was launched in March 2005 in competition with Fosamax Once Weekly Tabs 70mg 4.

The price for Alendronate Tabs 70mg 4 has varied over the past 10 years but has kept under the £1 mark the entire time. The English Drug Tariff price has stayed under £1.20 but closely met the average drug price in May 2014 when the average price for Alendronate Tabs 70mg 4 reached £0.84.

Using our WaveData Live service, we can see that this December, there are three suppliers that compete for the lowest price of £0.19, whereas two others that tend to compete more expensive are at £0.75 and £0.96.

Whether you’re a purchasing manager, a sales professional, a commercial manager or an information analyst – you’ll find that the WaveData Live database provides you with hourly updates of information to help you make those critical decisions.

The long term history came from BPPI and WaveData Live which can be accessed from 

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