Tramadol Caps 50mg 30 Price Trends

Sep 24, 2021 | Generics

Our WaveData services has over 10 years of pricing data for Tramadol Caps 50mg 30. The graph below shows the Average UK Price, Concession Price, and Reimbursement price.

Tramadol Caps 50mg 30 has shown two major peaks, the first in Aug 2014 and the second in Nov 2017. This gives us a gap of about 39 months. If this pattern holds, the next peak should have happened in about Feb 2021. Looking at the average price data shows that it didn’t peak in early 2021, however the reimbursement data did. So it is possible that the generic industry saw the peak, and a possible concession price approaching and managed to take action to avoid it.

This data is imported from our WaveData Live and BPPI services. Please contact  for a demonstration.

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