Price Decline in Liquid Formulations

Jan 19, 2022 | Generics

Metformin Oral Solution S/F 500mg/5ml 150ml and Metformin Oral Solution 500mg/5ml 150ml are the two liquid formulations most frequently searched for in our live pricing service Wavedata Live in November. This service allows users to interrogate the current prices which have been published in price lists over the last 35 days, and looking at the graph it looks as if users were trying to get their buying and selling prices right.

Normally its tablets and capsules that capture the price decline headlines, but liquids can suffer the same sorts of decline if they are made by more than a couple of manufacturers. Typically prices follow a scalloped curve, with prices eventually stabilising at a low level and staying there for long periods.

In this case, both liquids had some disturbance in their curves. The sugar-free pack bounced, in that prices rose for a while before declining again, and at roughly the same time the sugar-containing pack had a short-term disturbance in its price. Both may have been disturbed by the same factors.

Normally when prices bounce back up it’s an indication that low prices have forced some manufacturers out of the market. but a recovery in the price, even if only temporary, can pull them back in again.

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