Olanzapine 10mg 28 – one to watch

Jun 27, 2024 | General, Generics, WaveData News

Whilst researching for the June edition of WaveData’s Bulletin, Editor Jackie Moss flagged up Olanzapine Tabs 10mg 28 as one to watch.

After a reasonably long period of stability, with the average price not exceeding £0.80 since April 2022, we have seen a month on month increase since November 2023. Then in March of this year the average price exceeded £1.00, however, in May the average rose to a whopping £4.41. Taking a deep dive into June we can see invoice prices as high as £14.98!

A Drug Tariff Price Concession was introduced in March, and has been increased in April and May. The latest NCSO Concessions list was issued on the 25th June, and as expected Olanzapine Tabs 10mg 28 had another inclusion and increase, with a Drug Tariff Price Concession of £7.16.

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