Ibandronic Acid Tabs 50mg 28 Cyclic Bouncing

Apr 29, 2022 | Generics

Ibandronic acid was launched in 2011 when Bonviva lost its patent protection and generics were launched. Since then the price has varied from a low of £6.51 to a high of £67.79. However, the key thing to notice is the cyclic bouncing that this product displays. The gap between the first price peak and the second was about 7 years, so in theory, it should peak again in 2026. However, the far right side of the graph shows that the price is rising again, approximately 4 years after the last peak. This may mean the pattern is broken, or that a new pattern has been enforced by market conditions.

This information was collected from our BPPI service which provides up to 10 years’ worth of historic data.

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