Eplerenone Tabs unstable long term pricing

Nov 20, 2023 | General

Eplerenone Tabs were launched in September 2014 after the loss of exclusivity of Pfizer’s Inspra brand. Eplerenone is one of those products which is subject to regular price bounces, concessions and shortages. Each of the two packs has experienced three price bounces and three concessions over the last 10 years.

WaveData MD, Charles Joynson comments……
Although the concession and price bounces look to be fairly regular in the graphs, there is no regularity in their frequency. This suggests the timing of these price rises is not based on whether or not companies re-order new stock. Rather, it’s more likely that companies reach a point where the price becomes unprofitable and they decide not to commission more stock.

Up until 2020 the price that triggered the bounces were just under £4.00 (£3.65 in 2017 and £3.05 in 2020) for the 25mg pack and just under £5.00 (£4.99 in 2017 and £4.65 in 2020) for the 50mg pack. However, in 2023, the prices that triggered the shortage were £2.55 for the 25mg pack and £3.58 for the 50mg. This suggests that manufacturing is becoming more efficient and manufacturers are able to make the product for lower prices.

In all cases, the drug tariff was either below the average market price, or very close to it, making production and selling of these products unprofitable or close to it. Pushing a product into unprofitable territory will trigger a shortage.

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