Brintellix Tabs 10mg 28 Supplier Pricing Information

Mar 22, 2021 | Parallel Imports

Brintellix Tabs 10mg 28 has been a highly searched Parallel Import in our WaveData Live database this month.

Wavedata Live will show you the suppliers, country, date and price for this PI. We have 28 lines of data for this product. This screenshot only shows 7 lines and we have hidden the Supplier Name as a single price should not be taken as representative of their pricing strategy. We have prices from 15 different suppliers, Pharmacy, Dispensing Doctors, plus Reimbursement price. Here, we have a great overview of what is going on with this product over the last 35 days, a way to keep you in the competitive loop. This service is flexible for all companies, you can buy credits or simply upgrade to an annual subscription.

Our WaveData Live database also includes generics, UK brands and devices, and is updated every 15 minutes.

This subscription service has over 100,000 prices added to it each month, and further information is at

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