Advanced pharma pricing research

If you’d like to establish your products as market leaders you need information – and plenty of it!  Even with the mass of information available on the internet, sifting through what’s there takes time, effort and requires an understanding of what it all means.

Finding out what you need to know can take so long that you may get left behind in the competitive UK marketplace. That’s where Pharma TouchStone gives you a competitive advantage in your industry. The system provides historical data for many thousands of products giving you up-to-date, accurate and appropriate product price information. You can choose the reports you want to help you make the right competitive decisions.

The data is constantly sourced from the broadest market spectrum so you don’t need to invest time and effort unnecessarily.  You get the information you need, when you need it to:

  • Ensure your sales price is competitive
  • Check your distributor is pricing your product correctly
  • Make buying decisions that get you the best possible prices
  • Identify the prices for a product across a range of suppliers
  • Discover new rivals entering the market

You’ll have access to data on thousands of generic products and parallel imports.

To stay ahead of the competition, allow you to negotiate the best prices and place your products competitively Pharma TouchStone is an invaluable resource. Call us on 01702 425125 or contact us for more information.

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