Pricing Data
WaveData Live up to 35 days recent data

With updates every 15 minutes, you’ll be staying ahead of the competition.

Including generic, parallel import and brand prices paid by independent pharmacists and dispensing doctors for pharmaceuticals, devices, diagnostics, nutritionals, and OTCs. find out more...

PharmaTouchStone up to 6 months data

Out-think the competition with our pricing trends.

Including historical market pricing trends by product, molecule or category manufacturer, wholesalers, and importer or exporter data. find out more...

BPPI up to 10 years historic data

Using the Past to Predict the Future

20 years of historical product retail market prices for generics, parallel imports, concession prices, and reimbursement or drug tariff prices. find out more...

Prescription Data  
Scriptmap UK GP product prescriptions

Knowing More to Beat the Competition

Prescribing data for GP surgeries across the UK by surgery, region, CCG, or your territory. find out more...